How to Renew your Driving License Online? – Steps by Steps Guide

Driving license is another essential document that must be present while driving a car. It is a legal sanctity to drive a car. However, mere getting a license is not enough but it must be renewed from time to time. In the present time, you have ample ways to renew the license. You can adopt both online and offline mode to get the driving license. You need to follow a series of steps and process to renew driving license online. It is a hassle-free process that anyone can do. Driving license is one of the vital documents that must be present while driving a car.

driving license

What is the process of renewal of a driving license?

The renewal of driving license is easy and hassle-free. You need to follow some systematic steps. In the next few lines let us go through it.

  • You need to fill up form no9. It is one of the primary works that is associated with the renewal of driving license.
  • You must carry the expired car license.
  • If you are above 40 years of age, you have to submit a medical certificate.
  • It is also required to attach 2 passport sized photographs along with the form.
  • You have to submit your age proof and address proof documents.
  • The fee of the application form is Rs 250 that needs to be submitted.

In the present time, most people prefer dl renewal online. It is much preferred and convenient for working professionals.

It can be assumed from the above-discussion that the procedure for renewal of driving licence is good and easy. If you visit the website of the concerned state you will come to know about the details. You will get full information about the process.

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You can also download the form from online site and fill up the form. In addition to this, you need to submit all the relevant documents that are required during the submission. If you are above 40 years of age, you have to submit a medical certificate and Form 1A. This is mandatory and needs to be submitted.  The passport sized photographs must be clear and good. This is also required while submitting the form.

Once you submit the duly filled form, the concerned authorities will make proper verification. If all things seem to be perfect, you’re driving license will be delivered to the given address.  It takes seven to fifteen days time to deliver the driving license. It is found a driving license is valid for fifteen years.

Most people are confused whether they have to give physical test while renewing the license. However, till now some things are done. The license is renewed only after biometric verification of the candidate. Soon after this, the applicant has to appear for the test.

So, to renew a driving license is no more a big deal. It can be easily done once it gets expired. You must be cautious about the date of expiry. It is fine if the license is renewed before that period. 


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