How to Get Marriage Certificate Online in India? – Steps by Steps Guide

Marriage registration is mandatory. If you are getting married you need to get it registered. Registration means and signifies that your marriage gets legal sanctity. It is now mandatory to get your marriage registered. With the advancement of science and technology, it is required to avail online marriage certificates. This will make the whole process smooth and ideal. It is also easier to make an online application for a marriage certificate. It is one of the essential documents that are connected with Indian weddings.

Marriage Certificate Online

Essentials of marriage certificate:

It is also vital to know about the valid documents that are required to be submitted for marriage certificate.  You must keep all the documents required for the marriage certificate ready for this process. Below are the essential documents you need to submit.

  • You must have a valid birth certificate that should have a proper birth date.
  • You need to have a valid Aadhar card for this purpose.
  • You need to submit the wedding invitation card along with the form.
  • You have to submit a permanent address proof and present address proof.
  • The form should be submitted along with the signature of the bride and groom.

However, the marriage certificate apply online is the best way to get the marriage certificate.

Mode of Getting Marriage Certificate:

You must know the actual way of getting a marriage certificate registration. Once all the formalities are fulfilled you will get the original documents within a short time. It is known that a marriage is invalid without a proper marriage certificate.  Mere rituals are not enough to get the marriage valid. You need to get it verified with a proper certificate.

The marriage certificate India is good and advanced. It is organized and anyone can avail it. You can apply for the certificate both online and offline mode. You need to strictly follow all the rules and norms.

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Steps to get a marriage certificate:

You need to follow a complete procedure to get marriage certificate. In the next lines, you will learn about the steps.

  • It is legal proof and identity of your marriage. Before applying for the marriage certificate you need to submit some essential documents.
  • It is necessary to provide the required address of the bride and groom. The address should be valid and true.
  • You also need to submit the passport-sized photographs of both the bride and groom.
  • To submit the age proof you have to give proper documents.
  • On the other part, the form that is given for the registration certificate must contain the signature of the bride and the groom. All the pages must be duly signed by them. It is mandatory for the registration certificate.

So, it is much easier to get a marriage certificate. The only thing you need is to have valid documents. But you must be strict about the marriage registration certificate. It is the only way to get the sanctity of your wedding. Marriages are made for ages but it needs to be validated.


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